Listen: Phase 2

Image description: a photo of an empty classroom, with a row of tables and a blank chalkboard. A white waveform is at the bottom. A quotation in the middle reads: “My ears were ringing the entire summer because I was being talked about quite a bit but no one was actually asking us what we need or what we think.”

Phase 2 of the Education Narratives Project documents planning for the new school year, mostly between July and September 2020. Themes within the audio in this period include educator voice (and the absence of it) in reopening decisions, media portrayal of educators, uncertainty around public health implications of reopening, devaluation of teachers, and teacher solidarity.

All audio is recorded via Zoom between August and November 2020. The seven narrators in this specific piece include teachers, child care directors, and educational directors. 

Read: Chapter 2 transcript here

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